Bridgedale - Ako sa boli u nás mladí ľudia vzdelávať

The story goes a few years back, when a group of people from ecovillages and youth centres around the whole Europe got together to create SOMETHING for introducing to the Youth the complex ideas of ecological lifestyle, community living, regenerative culture and alternative economy. Words did not do, and they created the whole virtual town called Bridgedale (, in which young people would be coming when the old narrative of the world did not make sense anymore. Here in Bridgedale the food is grown locally, energy is produced from renewable sources, people exchange goods fairly, make decisions together, resolve conflicts transparently and effectively, share tools and knowledge, restore the ecosystem; kids learn playfully and the art is flourishing. This town is represented by over 80 stories, games and workshops put together into a toolbox how to help youth learn about the situation in the world and the available alternatives. Alisa, our trainer, was a part of that group. Abdul attended the epic Bridgedale training for Trainers two years ago in Los Portales ecovillage.

In Zajezova, a group of 20 youths and youth workers from Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Germany, Sweden , Slovakia and UK gathered despite of all the complications that the pandemic put on our way. Playing with Bridgedale this time also meant playing without relying on a plan, as so many of our plans were changed with the covid restrictions. And even though many things went not as planned, we were super lucky to be able to meet.

Those days were so inspiring. We looked through the four dimension of sustainability: social, economic, ecological and worldview. In small group, we prepared some activities for the other. We went into the stories of bridgedale, visualizing how resources are share on our planet, exploring privileges, walking on Wall Street, questioning the tragedy of commons or build strong connection during the council of all beings.

We also had the opportunity to walk around Zajezova, discovering project that were built by the local community for the past 20 years.

Now the participants are ready to share those activities in their future projects. The activities motivated us to create news content for next our workcamps, volunteers programs, youth exchanges, summer camps, study visits and more :)

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