You can cut grass in many different ways - in former times farmers were able to manage many hektares of meadow entirely by hand, nowadays however people even with just a small garden prefer to run after a lawn mower, because they think scything with a scythe is too strenious. Using a scythe correctly is an art that can be learned and  done correctly it is not strenious but a delightful exercise, a meditation, something close to tai-chi.

Igor and Lubo, our lecturers are farmers from Podpolanie, who will teach you this art, as well as how to tap a scythe to sharpen it, how to attach it to the snath, but if you want also how to build an ergonomic snath for yourself. They are followers of scything master Petr Vido, originally from Slovakia, now settled in Canada, who is spreading the knowledge and art of scything both in North America and Europe. His website is packed with valuable info:
there is also a film about his life with a scythe:

At our workshop you will have the opportunity to buy high quality scythe blades and equipment.

Accomodation on matracess or in the hay attic in own sleeping bags, all meals vegetarian. The workshop begins on Friday at 6 p.m.

Fee including accomodation and all meals: 35 euros, for young people under 26, 5 euro discount.

number of participants is limited, please register in advance at the organizer.

POZNÁMKA SPRÁVCOV STRÁNKY: Pokiaľ nie je v texte uvedené niečo iné, kontakt k prihlasovaniu a ďalším informáciam získate tak, že kliknete na meno organizátora vedľa obrázku k podujatiu.