This seminar will be a dive into the mysteries of happiness, offering many tips from the people who study joy and call it positive psychology.

There will be food for the heart, for the brain and for the child in us. Read more at

Arrival thursday evening


creating the group, awakening our curiosity around positive psychology and defining happiness, going through a series of topics and tips, with exercises.


exercises, karma yoga in the garden, coming to an individual realization where we identify the tips that best fit us and commit to them, building our lantern and sending it out into the night sky


feedback and farewell


All meals vegetarian and preferably local, sleeping on matracess in the house or in the hay on the hay attic in own sleeping bags

POZNÁMKA SPRÁVCOV STRÁNKY: Pokiaľ nie je v texte uvedené niečo iné, kontakt k prihlasovaniu a ďalším informáciam získate tak, že kliknete na meno organizátora vedľa obrázku k podujatiu.