Ponúkame možnosť krátkodobej EDS pri prípravách konferencie Európskych ekodedín

Podrobnosti v angličtine:

EVS opportunity during the European Conference of the Global Ecovillage Network of Europe:
Volunteering, Learning, Community building

In July 2017 Sweden will host an international ecovillage conference organised by the Global Ecovillage Network of Europe. 10 volunteers from five countries will arrive 6 weeks earlier to help with the preparation of the conference, as well as for learning by doing and gaining a rich experience in international event management and sustainable livelihood.

Would you like to be one of them?
This two month long short-term EVS project was designed for ten enthusiastic young people age 17-30 who are interested in ecovillages and sustainable living, and who want to gain experience in organizing workshops, large events and conferences as well as in communitybuilding, self-development and work in intercultural teams. During the two months you will get to know the work of Global Ecovillage Network of Europe (GEN Europe) and NextGEN (the young wing of GEN) by assisting in the organisation of the European Ecovillage Conference 2017 which will be held in Ängsbacka, Sweden on 16-21 July 2017.

What is EVS?
EVS is the European Voluntary Service, a programme allowing young people to go abroad, learn and contribute to a better world with support from Erasmus+ funding. It provides an opportunity to join meaningful work and experiential learning while your food, accommodation, traveling, pocket money, insurance and mentorship are fully covered. A person can only do one long-term EVS, but this opportunity is a short-term EVS of 59 days allowing you to apply for a long-term EVS in the future.

When ?
The EVS project will take place from 1 June 2017 to 29 July 2017. All participants will take part for the entire project duration.

Where ?
The first 5 weeks of the project the group will be staying in the ecovillage Suderbyn on the island of Gotland, living together with the young dynamic community. The last three weeks will be hosted in a rented house in a small town Molkom, next to Ängsbacka, where the Conference will take place. The living conditions will be simple with the focus on low ecological footprint. You may expect shared rooms and common facilities, natural rural environment and diverse social activities together with the group.

Who ?
Young peoples the age 17-30, who have not participated in an EVS project before, from the corresponding partner countries:
– Spain
– Italy
– Germany
– UK
– Slovakia
We are looking for motivated candidates with a proactive, creative and problem-solvingattitude, good knowledge of English and organisational skills.

What ?
The main activities of the EVSers will be promoting the conference, helping to structure the programme, defining, preparing and equipping spaces for various workshops and sessions, preparing for the arrival of main speakers, special guests and staff members and taking care travel and conference logistics.


If you are interested to be one of the ten EVS for the GEN Conference, please fill in the application form and after reviewing your application our team will contact you. The selection will be done after interviews with the candidates.

Relevant websites

GEN Europe Conference in Ängsbacka: www.en.angsbacka.se/event/globalecovillagenetworkconference
Suderbyn Permaculture Ecovillage and NGO ReLearn: www.suderbyn.se
Global Ecovillage Network: www.gen.ecovillage.org
Global Ecovillage Network of Europe: www.geneurope.org
Ängsbacka, intentional community and conference centre: http://en.angsbacka.se

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