Zaježovské spoločné iniciatívy

Aktivity, ktoré spájajú Zaježku

Na tomto mieste vám ponúkame prehľad aktivít miestnych obyvateľov, alebo aktivít, ktoré sa odohrávajú v Zaježovej a jej okolí. Je to zmes neformálnych iniciatív väčších, či menších skupín a projektov tu pôsobiacich občianskych združení. Tieto aktivity nie sú nijak centrálne organizované, či koordinované - v ich popise nájdete odkazy na ich realizátorov. Nižšie si môžete nastaviť filter, ktorým si vyberiete, či chcete vidieť aj ukončené, pozastavené, alebo pripravované projekty a iniciatívy.

Educational Centre Zaježová

The former farm building in the part of Zaježová called Polomy has been serving as a base for educational activities since 1991. It is being rented by the local civic associations, as well as NGOs and individuals to host various events – seminars, environmental education for schools, dance workshops and retreats.

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Zajezka Community

New inhabitants of Zajezova valley and places in its close neighbourhood have brought new life into dying out small village. People join efforts to improve quality of life here, to prevent problems, which caused depolpulation in second half of 20th century. They organize common work on public projects (bus stop reparation, waste collection, tree planting, playground making etc.), informal parties and bigger seasonal celebrations, common holidays and weekend trips of families, local activism (nature protection, waste issues,...) and so on.

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Zajezka School

The original primary school of Zajezova was closed down in 1977. In 2007 a group of locals reopened the school as a one-class school for grades 1-4. It is one of Slovakia’s smallest schools, counting 14 pupils in the school year 2014/2015. The small amount of pupils gives it a cozy family atmosphere but also a form of education that is adjusted to the needs of the individual pupils. This form of work however is very demanding on the teacher, therefore she has support from the pupils‘ parents when teaching several subjects, like English, PE, Informatics and arts.

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Climbing wall in Community centre

A group of Zaježová inhabitants who actively climb recently started a climbing club.  They train with local kids, some of them even participate in climbing competitions. They plan to build a climbing wall in a community centre so they limit travelling to city (60km away). It should be space for training and it should be used also by local school for physical education (the school is very small so it does not have a gym). The people have already invested money and time into this project, but they still miss resources. So they started to collect money to support this idea.

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Community Centre (MNV)

In 1990, the building of the former village council in Zajezova remained unused after the abolishment of the municipality of Zajezova and its filing under the municipality of Pliešovce. For a certain time it was used as accommodation facility for people working at the recycling centre, however nowadays it has turned into a space for local communal activities.

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Socrates Institute

The Socrates Institute came into being with the aim to create conditions for the development of young people who are not afraid to work on themselves, be responsible for their decisions and follow their visions. The project’s initiators believe that society may get significantly influenced by a single person, given that he or she has enough knowledge, courage, diligence and charisma. The focus group are university students from Slovakia. It is open to students from any field, adressing future scientists, lawyers, economists, medicians, journalists and artists.

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Summer Festival on Sekier Meadows

Asia, South America, Cuba, films from the „one world festival“, screenings and discussions with the makers of the films „Vlčie hory“ (The Wolf Mountains) and „Slameny dom“ (The Strawbale House), clown performances, archery, horse riding, exhibitions of paintings and photographs and so on.

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Eco-tourism in Zajezova and its surroundings

The offer of accomodation and activities for people who want to visit Zajezova  beside the organized events has been continuosly expanding. The creation of this website is the first step towards a cooperation of locals who offer services for tourists. In the next step we plan to connect their services and provide a better advertisement (not only via the internet), as well as other means of cooperation and mutual help.

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The embellishment of Zajezova

In 2006 locals and participants of a camp organized by the Community for Life in Harmony repaired three of Zajezova’s bus stops – one was built new from wood, the others were painted. Volunteers from Sekier and parents of future pupils of the Zajezova school also built a children playground in front of the school. During another „brigada“, ornamental trees and shrubs were planted in the centre of Zajezova. In 2012 the local inhabitant Lenka Andova initiated another project in which a sign post on Zajezova’s crossroad was installed.

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The Food Bank and food production in Zajezova

Zajezova is an agricultural region, but due to its location it has traditionally been focusing on animal husbandry. However, cattle, sheep or goats are kept only by a couple of families, most of them belonging to the original inhabitants. Families who don’t keep animals buy products from them and thus support the local economy. Almost every family here has a bigger or smaller garden and orchard which provides a part of their food. The families then trade, sell or give away surplus of garden produce and seeds among each other

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Natural Building

Many people think of Zajezova also in connection with experiments within the field of natural building. Here you’ll find buildings that have been amongst the first in Slovakia to use strawbale insulation. There are several small buildings, parts of buildings, but also modern family houses meeting all standards. Apart from that you’ll also find buildings using hemp or wood fibers as insulation, as well as recykled paper and other ecological materials.

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About us

This page was created and is maintained thanks to support from local NGOs and part of local inhabitants who belong to Zaježka Community. Zaježka Community is informal group of local active people, who cooperate and participate on social life in Zaježová.


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