The meadow around the Sekier farm was created by our ancestors with a lot of hard work - they had to cut bushes and trees, pull out rocks and stones by hand, plow and level the terrain, in order to create a piece of land that can serve as a field to grow crops and fodder on. Nowadays the meadow mainly serves as pasture for our horses, goats and sheep, and also it's venue to our summer festival.

To not get tangled up in thorny bushes, the meadow needs care from time to time. This week we will dedicate 5-7 hours to cleaning the meadow from rosehips, brambles and other weeds. Although we will have a bushcutter and woodchipper running, we will enjoy an amazing view down into the Valley of Zajezova, with a blue sky above our heads and getting real work-out by carrying branches and other pieces of wood.

We are looking forward to having you with us!

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