In this workshop we are going to rediscover traditional diets - food made by hand, not machines, food, that kept our ancestors healthy for generations. From friday evening till sunday noon we will be cooking, soaking, sprouting, roasting, baking and tasting traditional and nourishing food.

You will learn how to:

-sprout, soak and ferment foods like grains, seeds and pulses
-culture milk to make cheese, kefir, joghurt, sourcream
-ferment vegetables
-make bone broth
-bake sourdough bread

You will hear about:
-traditional diets of different cultures vs. industrially processed food of today
-the basic biochemistry of fermentation, digestion and nourishment of the body's cells
-different alternative diets such as Veganism, Vegetarianism, Macrobiotics, Paleodiet, low-fat, Ayurveda, GAPS.
-meat eating and a holistic approach to animal husbandry

course language in English, help with translation when needed.

fee: 45€ includes all meals (friday dinner till sunday lunch) and sleeping in own sleeping bags on matraces indoors.


POZNÁMKA SPRÁVCOV STRÁNKY: Pokiaľ nie je v texte uvedené niečo iné, kontakt k prihlasovaniu a ďalším informáciam získate tak, že kliknete na meno organizátora vedľa obrázku k podujatiu.