Third stage of renovation of Educational Centre Zaježová (2008-2013)

Educational Centre in Zaježová serves as a base for workshops and seminars since early 1990s. The building was continuosly renovated but biggest changes had happen  when local NGO Pospolitosť pre harmonický život invited for cooperation big nation-wide operating NGO Živica. They managed to get financial resources from different donors (Norway grants, UNDP, Swiss grants, EU crossborder cooperation with Hungary etc.). Thanks to this they could make rooms for accommodation and workshops, toilets, showers, new roof-cover, building insulation etc. Most of the work was done the way it could be used as an example of sustainable building. Many local craftsmena and artists were working there too to present their skills.

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Vzdelávacie centrum Zaježová
Centrum environmentálnej a etickej výchovy Živica
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