Sekier's Meadows festival is designed for those who relates to Zajezova. Everyone will find something for him or herself – youth, families with children, city people or nature lovers, philosophers and workers. It aims to be relaxed encounter of friends rather than event with splendid program. We shall get to know each other and enjoy the time spent together during the weekend. We hope that every visitor can help us to reach this goal. If you are about to join us for the first time you might be interested in seeing the pictures and videos documenting the last years here.

Please find the detailed program in the attached document bellow this text.

Practical information

Lodging in your own tents (covered by the festival entrance fee).

Parking place is under Podsekier this year (25 min. by walk to the festival’s site).  

All meals of the day are prepared right at the festival’s site. We expect about 500-1000 attenders, there’s a risk that we might not be able to estimate the right amount of portions. There shall be enough of refreshment available like sandwiches and cakes, though. In case you would like to eat with us, bring your own bowl, spoon and cup to avoid long cue for dishes used by others.

If you think about taking dogs with, please consider it carefully. Dogs tend to fight for their place in the pack’s hierarchy among people and bark in response on their own echo.

Contribution to the festival’s costs makes 10 euros for the whole weekend program (including lodging in your own tents) or 5 euros per day. Children until 6 years old join for free, 7 – 15 years old kids pay half of the fee. We dedicate the gain to the reconstruction works on Zajezova’s community house.

For more info contact:
+421 917 287 559 - Peťo Banás (organizational issues and music line-up)
+421 918 296 331 - Miro Kašiak (other program except on music, general information)

POZNÁMKA SPRÁVCOV STRÁNKY: Pokiaľ nie je v texte uvedené niečo iné, kontakt k prihlasovaniu a ďalším informáciam získate tak, že kliknete na meno organizátora vedľa obrázku k podujatiu.