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The Socrates Institute came into being with the aim to create conditions for the development of young people who are not afraid to work on themselves, be responsible for their decisions and follow their visions. The project’s initiators believe that society may get significantly influenced by a single person, given that he or she has enough knowledge, courage, diligence and charisma. The focus group are university students from Slovakia. It is open to students from any field, adressing future scientists, lawyers, economists, medicians, journalists and artists.

The one-year course called Contemporary society – challenges and visions consist of 11 sessions. Energy politics, media, global education, the Inuit’s view on global warming, ecological agriculture, alternative monetary systems, intercultural facilitation, process-oriented psychology, European wilderness, the collapse and regeneration of civilizations, to name a few of its topics.  Lecturers are nationally and internationally established educators - here are some examples: Stephen Gallegos (psychotherapeutist, USA), Vanessa Andreotti (global education, FIN), Saamah Abdallah (economist, GB) and many others.

The students are led by invited lecturers, outstanding in their field, a great part of them being from abroad. The teaching however does not always have the form of presentations, but rather discussions, hands-on activities and informal dialogues. The Socrates Institute emphasizes the direct contact between the lecturer and his or her student, being the reason why the course capacity is only 20 students. As most students are from different fields of study, they moreover can share knowledge among each other, enriching each other’s learning experience.

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