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The recycling centre was established in 1994 as a project of the Community for Life  in Harmony under the leadership of Igor Chyra.  In 2003 it became independent and was from then being managed by Igor Chyra within the newly founded civic association Jezko. The recycling center’s mission was not only to „save“ as many comodities and resources from being dumped on a land fill, but also the cleanup of the landscape from illegal land fills.

However, a very important mission was to raise awareness about the problem of excessive consumption which leads to an incessantly growing amount of waste. The recycling centre was above all serving the inhabitants of the region (the municipalities of the Pliesovce valley and for a certain time the municipality of Vígľašská Huta-Kalinka), from whom it was picking separated waste for free. This separated waste then was separated again by hand in a building that was provided by the municipality of Pliesovce. The separation was made with great precision into dozens of different categories. A part of these separated comodities then was brought away for further processing, another part was stored, waiting for a suitable processer.  Apart from that locals and visitors had the opportunity to find a range of useful things to reuse, like clothes, preserving jars, building materials etc.

The recycling centre’s influence however was reaching also  beyond this region. PHZ and later Jezko were organizing weekend workshops and work camps with visitors from all over Slovakia to help with the separation of waste and the cleanup of the landscape. This way the volunteers not only got to know the dark side of our society‘s amenities, they also learned how to avoid the production of waste.

The recycling centre at first employed people serving their civil service, an alternative to the then mandatory military service, and some locals (usually newcomers) who were usually working part-time to earn a part of their living.

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