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Many people think of Zajezova also in connection with experiments within the field of natural building. Here you’ll find buildings that have been amongst the first in Slovakia to use strawbale insulation. There are several small buildings, parts of buildings, but also modern family houses meeting all standards. Apart from that you’ll also find buildings using hemp or wood fibers as insulation, as well as recykled paper and other ecological materials.

As for roof covers, people here have already tried out traditional rye straw, reed and green roofs. These buildings, as well as renovated traditional stone houses, are plastered with clay plaster – exactly as they were in former times by our ancestors and as it is nowadays being done by progressive people who have understood the advantages and benefits of this easily accessible local material.

People who do not want to waste resources can get inspired in Zajezova also in terms of recycling of building materials, like old roof tiles and building wood. Several people in Zajezova have dedicated their lifes to building crafts on a professional level (carpentry, oven building, plastering). Some of them share their experiences of using natural and recycled building materials in the form of seminars or excursions that take place several times per year.

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This page was created and is maintained thanks to support from local NGOs and part of local inhabitants who belong to Zaježka Community. Zaježka Community is informal group of local active people, who cooperate and participate on social life in Zaježová.


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