Zajezova lies in the centre of Slovakia approximately 15 km SE from Zvolen, which is the closest city. Zvolen is easily accesible by public transport (buses and trains) or by highway from Bratislava (Slovak capital). You can use to search for public transport (you can switch it to english or german language).

Zajezova is a widely spread hamlet of about 200 farmhouses, about 25km² large. Each smallholding has its name - Polomy, Sekier, Castobrezie, Podlysec - those are just some of them. Zajezova is separated from Zvolen by one of the side ridges of the Javorie hills, so in order to come to Zajezova by car you need to drive around them - either via Pliesovce, or from the other side via Víglas and Slatinske Lazy. There is a valley called Sekier, connecting Zajezova and Zvolen, at the end of this valley is a hamlet called Kralova. Hikers can get there by Zvolen city bus and then continue walking across the ridge.


GPS coordinates:

Sekier: 48.477843,19.20472
Parking place on Podsekier (for visitors of Sekier a Brána): 48.468227,19.204484
Educational Centre Zaježová (Polomy): 48.45172,19.223238
Centre of Zaježová (school, Community Centre Building - MNV, shop, Cultural House): 48.458654, 19.220685


At the bus station in Zvolen (opposite of the train station) find platform No. 15. All the buses from that platform go through Pliesovce - village on halfway to Zajezova. They go quite often and it takes 30 minutes to get to Pliesovce from Zvolen. From Pliesovce to Zajezova the buses run at the following times:  6:45 (working days), 7:00 (Saturday), 8:00 (Sunday), 11:35 (working days), 12:15 (Sunday), 14:15 (working days), 15:30 (Sunday), 16:15 (working days), 19:00 (Friday).

Direct buses between Zvolen and Zajezova leave from Zvolen at 6:10 (working days), 11:00 (working days), 15:45 (working days). If you want to catch last bus from Pliesovce to Zajezova on Friday, go by bus leaving Zvolen (platform 15) at 18:25 in direction to Litava. Get off in Pliesovce at 18:59 and wait a few minutes for the bus to Zaježová.

On Sunday there is a bus at 11:00 which goes through Viglas and ends at the northern end of Zajezova (Podlysec). If you want to get to the village centre from there you need to walk down the road for another half an hour.

If your destination is Polomy, tell the driver that your ticket shall go to Zajezova, Bosakovci. The bus stop is right at a turn off – you take this turn off, leaving the main road on which the bus is going and follow this smaller paved road, across a little bridge and uphill.  After about 500 meters you will see a yellow house on the right hand side, about 50 meters from the road.  This is your destination – the educational centre Polomy.

If your destination is Sekier your bus stop is "Zajezova - Razcestie" (Crossroad). There is a red wooden bus stop and a hand-made wooden sign post. From there it is about 45 minutes to walk up to Sekier – follow the yellow hiking trail.

You can take the city bus (called MHD) number 11 that leaves from a bus stop in front of the train station to the last stop called Kralova, konečná. This ride takes 30-40 minutes. From there you follow the yellow hiking trail, which brings you to the Sekier farm. It’s a 45 minutes walk uphill through the forest.  To Polomy and other parts of Zajezova the journey extends by another hour.

The bus number 11 leaves Zvolen at 6:15 (working days), 7:00 (weekend and holidays), 13:20 (working days), 15:50 (except weekends and holidays), 16:30 (weekends) and 18:10 (only on Friday).

When getting on the bus in Zvolen, don’t get confused and don’t board the bus No. 20 or another one, which has written direction "Sekier" - as this is a barrow in Zvolen with the same name like the farmhouse in Zajezova.

At the last bus stop in Kralova, you follow the hiking trail sign post pointing left, the first 20m on the road (leading to a house with a play ground in front of it) and then take the path that starts on the left side of the road, leading up across the meadow all the way to the ridge. Follow the yellow hiking trail (white-yellow-white strip), walking through the forest, passing two wild pastures with Juniper bushes. After about 30 minutes you will eventually reach a neatly moved meadow. Continue walking along the ridge for another 400 meters until you see a wooden sign saying SEKIER on the righthand side on the ground. At this point you turn right, crossing the tree belt and descending the ridge. The big farm building on the very left of the meadow is Sekier. If you want to reach centre of Zaježová you need to walk another 30 minutes downhill following yellow touristic trail.

If you want to get to Brána, do not leave the ridge near the wooden "Sekier" sign. Just continue walking on the forest road another 10 minutes untill you reach small meadow. Houses of Brána should be visible on the left side.

You can reach Zajezova from the west via Pliesovce, or from the east via Víglas. The journey via Pliesovce is about the same distance as via Viglas. However, we think directions for the way via Viglas are far more simple:

From Zvolen take the road direction Kosice, after about 15km turn right after having passed the village Víglas,  into the direction of Slatinske Lazy. After you enter Slatinske Lazy go another 500 meters, until you reach the bus stop and leave the main road, entering the centre of the village. You’ll pass through Slatinske Lazy and Kalinka and go on for another 10 km until you reach a saddle. Passing this saddle you’ll be entering Zajezova, however, you will need to follow the road for another 3 km to reach the main crossroad with the red bus stop and hand-made wooden sign post that will give you further directions.

If your destination is Sekier, turn right at the crossroad, following the paved road until it ends after 2kms (don’t make any turn offs). At the end of the paved road there is a hand-drawn road sign denying further access for vehicles. On the right hand side of the road, in front of this road sign, you may park your car and continue the unpaved road by foot, passing in between a couple of houses. This place is called Podsekier. To get to Sekier you¨ll need to walk uphill for another 15 minutes, across the creek and up on a steep and small path through the forest.

In case you want to come to Zajezova via Pliesovce, pay attention on the crossroads after this small town. To get to Zajezova, you have to turn left on 2 crossroads after you pass the town (in the direction of Slatinske Lazy). There is a Welcome sign at the beginning of Zajezova. If you are going to Polomy (the educational centre), turn right at the first turn off and continue until you will see the first house on right, about 100 metres from the road. If your destination is Sekier follow the main road for another 500 m until you get to the crossroad with the red bus stop and hand-made wooden sign post that will give you further directions.


Map of Zaježová

Mapa Zaježovej


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