The Food Bank and food production in Zajezova

Zajezova is an agricultural region, but due to its location it has traditionally been focusing on animal husbandry. However, cattle, sheep or goats are kept only by a couple of families, most of them belonging to the original inhabitants. Families who don’t keep animals buy products from them and thus support the local economy. Almost every family here has a bigger or smaller garden and orchard which provides a part of their food. The families then trade, sell or give away surplus of garden produce and seeds among each other

Aiming to reduce food cost, especially wholefoods and organic produce, a so called food bank was established by locals in 1999. The food bank is a kind of store of dried goods and other supplies, purchased in bulk. The supplies are usually products that are not available in the local shop - foods like buckwheat, millet, wholemeal flours, couscous, mung beans and fair-trade coffee, but also biodegradable plant-based detergents and cosmetics in bigger containers.

The food bank has been based on trust, as its members have constant and uncontrolled access to it and record their purchases themselves. This way the maintenance costs are kept at its minumum. The food bank is run by one manager who gets help from local volunteers who deliver the groceries from different parts of Slovakia from their personal trips.

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This page was created and is maintained thanks to support from local NGOs and part of local inhabitants who belong to Zaježka Community. Zaježka Community is informal group of local active people, who cooperate and participate on social life in Zaježová.


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