Eco-community Sekier

The Eco-community Sekier is a traditional farm house on a meadow above Zajezova, bought in 1994 by the NGO Community for Life in Harmony (PHŽ). It is looking for an alternative to a meaningless consumerist lifestyle, inspired by the modest and self-sufficient life of our ancestors, but also by modern trends like permaculture, natural building and the eco-village movement.

With Sekier, PHZ has created a space for active young people who want to help to manage a little farm, or to work on various projects in Zajezova and its surroundings. At the same time they have the opportunity to learn a lot about buidling houses, traditional crafts, farming and community life.

Last but not least they have the opportunity to live in beautiful nature. Visitors of Sekier should be the kind of people that are eager to absorb as much experience and knowledge connected a community lifestyle as possible. Not only the practical skills, like working with wood or how to grow veggies, but also how to live together, cooperate and share.

Sekier usually counts 5-10 inhabitants and guests, some of them staying for several months, some of them just a couple of weeks or days.

The long-term volunteers staying in Sekier are usually from different parts of Europe, serving a long-term European Voluntary Service (6 and more months).

Sekier is open to a limited amount of short-term volunteers who stay for a minimum of 1 week. Short-term volunteers join the Sekier inhabitants with the daily tasks (about 5 hours/day) and contribute to food costs with 3€/day.

People who prefer to visit Sekier for shorter periods of time may either chose to participate in one of the monthly craft workshop weekends that take place in Sekier or take part in an excursion through Zajezova.

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About us

This page was created and is maintained thanks to support from local NGOs and part of local inhabitants who belong to Zaježka Community. Zaježka Community is informal group of local active people, who cooperate and participate on social life in Zaježová.


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