motto: "No man ever wetted clay and then left it, as if there would be bricks by chance and fortune." -Plutarch
Working with clay has always been intertwined with our culture, it may very well be one of the oldest techniques we have acquired, it is considered as being older then the Neolithic period, with the oldest clay artifact, called Venus of Dolni Véstonice, found in the Czech Republic and dating back to 29000-25000 BC.
There are many techniques for working with clay, it can be either burned of sundried, it can be worked by hand or on a potter wheel, it can be used in construction or as art, it can be made into pots, bowls and plates, it has been used by the Sumerians to write on and it can even be used for cleaning or as toothpaste.
Working with clay seems to be one of the few techniques that can be entirely autonomous, from the moment you dig it out of the ground to the finished product.  
In this workshop we will learn how to choose which clay to harvest, how to refine and process it, and how to test its properties. Then based on those properties we will learn what to use it for, we will make basic adobe bricks, clay plaster and clay paint, we will make primitive pottery both handmade and on the potters wheel (if the weather is good we will even make a firing pit and burn it), and we will use it for cosmetics.  
The course fee includes 3 vegetarian meals per day and sleeping in own sleeping bags on matracess indoors or on the hay loft.
We will start friday late afternoon with a lecture and if the weather is good we'll make a firing Pitt over night.

Feel welcome already earlier than friday and join us for the preparations and other outdoor work during our guest week!

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